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Discounts for Veterans, Firefighters, and Police Officers

DeRosa Realty Group offers discounts to Veterans, Firefighters, and Police Officers when purchasing or selling a property in Palm Beach County.

We truly appreciate the work these men and women do, we love our county, and we want to thank all of our Veterans, Firefighters and Police Officers for their service.

My father-in-law was Chief of Police, my mother -in-law was a volunteer firefighter, my brother-in-law is a Police Officer, my father is a Veteran and many of my in-laws and family members are Veterans. Those who have a heart of service are a priority to us and hold a special place in our hearts. If you are a Veteran, Firefighter, or Police Officer thinking about Selling or purchasing a home in Palm Beach County let us help you through the process and enjoy the true appreciation you deserve.

There are several ways in which we discount our services to those who serve but typically we will discount our listings and/or offer a credit at closing. Veterans may receive additional discounts with our preferred lender depending on credit and lender incentives. When we refer a Veteran to or preferred lender they may receive a free appraisal. This is in addition to DeRosa Realty Groups discounts.

You are the protectors of our communities; it is our honor to serve those who have served or are serving.

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