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Discount Brokerages VS DeRosa Realty Group

Discount Brokerages offer discounted commissions on listings or they charge a flat fee with LIMITED services. Both may add transaction fees.

Limited Services can mean many things. A lock box on your property rather than Listing Agent Accommodation on all showings. Photos of your property taken from a cell phone rather than by a professional photographer, and we’ve seen countless listings with inaccurate information on the MLS which translates to inaccurate information all over the web. Not good! Most Buyers today begin their search for a home online. Buyers want to see professional pictures that are true to the property (meaning not hiding certain features that might be undesirable), Buyers want accurate and factual information about the property and Buyers, and their agents (if they have one) like having the Listing Agent present at the showings because the Listing Agent is more familiar with the property, community and surrounding area.

DeRosa Realty Group is NOT a discount brokerage. We provide FULL SERVICE 4.5% Listings on qualified properties. We NEVER charge transaction fees. We show our Listings Every time, we have a professional photographer and we make sure there is accurate information on the MLS for all the world to see.

What we provide is exceptional.

Why? You may ask.

It’s very simple. We believe in Integrity.  Integrity means doing the right thing. We just don’t feel it’s right to charge a Seller 5% or 6% to list a property. Even when Brokers charge that much doesn’t mean they won’t do a half ass job. Some brokers charge that much and they don’t even put a yard sign or provide an open house because the Association won’t permit them to, YET they STILL charge 5% or 6%. It isn’t the right way to do business. In addition to simply just doing the right thing, DeRosa Realty Group has an advantage over other, larger companies. We don’t have the liabilities they do therefore we can afford to pass on the savings to our Sellers. Again, it comes down to INTEGRITY.

If a Seller wants to SAVE money without sacrificing SERVICE, then DRG has got you covered.

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