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DeRosa Realty Group has decided to offer Sellers full service 4.5% listings on qualified properties. The reason for this is simple, the real estate industry is changing rapidly with technology. Today you have several avenues for Buyers to find properties online and Brokers and Agents are competing for their business through multiple channels of online lead generating services. Big companies like Zillow, Facebook, etc. are restructuring the entire real estate industry. They are providing so much to the buyers and charging the Brokers and Agents a small fortune in order to get the leads.

Most buyers start their home search online and I can’t count the number of listing agents that have inaccurate information, pictures from their cell phones of a property they have listed, and don’t answer their phone. These things matter to a potential buyer and should matter to Sellers.

But what about Sellers? How can we better serve our sellers? Sites like offer discounted listings but they don’t provide the level of service most sellers need. You have to take your own pictures and agree to offer 3% to the Buyers Agent plus pay the fee they charge. This may work for some Sellers who have time to do this but for those who don’t have the know how, personality or the time to worry about selling and marketing we have the solution.  Provide a high level of service for less. This means exceptional service with ACCURATE property information, professional photographs, listing agent accommodation on showings, open houses, communication, and of course strategic marketing including Social Media and print advertising. Buyers are looking everyday online, the property represented the best way gets their attention.

While other brokerages may charge 5% or 6% for full service listings plus a possible transaction fee, we provide Full Service Listings at 4.5% with NO transaction fees.

Here’s the math:


ABC Realty                               $400,000 x 6% =$24,000.00

DeRosa Realty Group               $400,000 x 4.5% =$18,000.00

YOUR SAVINGS                    $6,000.00 + No Transaction Fee


With DeRosa Realty Group Sellers enjoy a significant savings without sacrificing service.




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